Pecos TX today

Made it to Pecos TX today and got 12.4 miles to the gallon just keeping the old bus on 55 mph. That’s pretty good for such a heavy old thing with a 460 engine!

Got the Trapark RV park just in time the full hook up spots were going fast and I got the last one. There were other slots available but I am on the front row and have a shaded spot. That won’t matter much as I’ll be leaving early as I can manage in the morning.

I got to attend the “Happy Hour” which here is a meeting of the Members of the Escapees RV club. Most of the residents of the park are oil field workers and so they don’t attend the meetings they are working in the oil fields around Pecos. The few members that showed up were a talkative lot and we sat around and talked about this and that and finally we broke up and went and did our thing, what ever that is; mine was to walk Shelby my trusty traveling companion and then feed her, her dinner and my cat Pia also was wanting her dinner. Once all the fur kids were fed it was time to feed me.

I talked on the phone to Samantha and she related how the new heater has been installed at the house and works fine and so does the air conditioner so that is a good deal. The bill is a bitter pill to swallow but the heater has to work to get the place sold.

So, I am off to bed early in hopes that I will get up early tomorrow and be on the road at a reasonable time so I can get some miles in before it get to warm. So far everything is going well.


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