♫We’re on the road again♬ :-)

We got up early today and had a nice walk with Shelby my Lab. We walked over to the neighbor’s corral and said good by to the horse there, the horse is a senior citizen like Shelby and me, we seniors like to meet and talk and two of us like our ears rubbed 🙂

After the walk I took care of a few chores and then made the rig ready for travel unplugging the electric and disconnecting the water hose. Then I discovered I had a water leak! Yikes! The first thing I did was to check what kind of water used or fresh? It is fresh water, if it were waste water that would be a worse problem. A fresh water leak is bad enough, the stinky stuff is a way bigger problem. The inside of the coach from what I can tell is not wet so this is a mystery where the water is coming from ….. oh well another chance to spend money fixing something.

We headed down the road and stopped at a quick stop for gas and a breakfast biscuit, I ate half and Shelby ate half, it was tasty but more than I can eat. Then we got serious about getting some miles done and headed east on I-10 humming along at a rollicking 55 MPH ! Ya, I drive slow, but I get good fuel milage out of this old house on wheels, we averaged a little over 10 MPG today and that was with a lot of hills. I got to Wilcox AZ about 10am stopped and made some phone calls then back on the road again, listening to the hum of the tires on the pavement. I got to Deming NM at about 1:30 or so and took on fuel so as not to be delayed in the morning. I got to my site at the Low-Hi Ranch at 2pm AZ time and shortly there after I was busy reuniting with people I had met before and meeting some new people. I attended the 4pm meeting that is held every day and talked with more people-this place is fun wish I were staying longer.

I have had my din-din, and shower, now checking e-mail and I am going to bed early tonight. I need my rest for tomorrow as it will be a long ride to Pecos TX.


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