It is always something

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The photos above are of the ditch while it was open that is now filled in and the water line is completed and works fine. While we were installing the water line and had the water off to the house we decided to fix a couple of hose bibs that were dripping. Those hose bibs hadn’t been off in a long time and were a bear to get off. Now they don’t leak.

Sunday afternoon the electrician came out and the electricity was connected to the outlets at the RV site. Everything works….. except that my plug is unusually big and it won’t fit and the outlet is mounted upside down. The electrician turned the female plug around so I could connect.  I used my extension cord on my big plug and could get connect to the female plug in, because the male plug end on the extension cord is smaller than my regular cord coming out of the rig, but, there is always a but, the plug is not all the way in so the opening for the cord has to be made larger so the male plug fits flat.

I called Samantha this evening and we went over a few issues with the house seems that the furnace isn’t working and she can’t figure why out what is wrong, as it was working when she left there a month ago. The other issue is that the mortgage holder hasn’t paid the insurance on the house and the mortgage holder has gone up on the escrow fee $200 dollars! That’s a lot of money in my book. We have an offer on the house, but everything has to work so that furnace has to be fixed and the insurance $800 dollars has to be paid. Crap it is always something !

I better get back to Texas and help close this deal on the house and get out from under all those money issues and problems one has with a stix-and-bricks house and deal with the issues of living in an RV instead. Of course RVs have their own issues just that dealing with both issues at the same time is draining on the wallet and makes you distracted from enjoying yourself when you know that things are going wrong with one or the other or even both. Back to Texas we go!

Time to walk the dog…..


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