Tonight’s Dinner

Today I went shopping for the ingredients for chicken enchiladas, spanish rice and frijoles. I haven’t tried to make enchiladas in years so I was a little unsure about doing it. They came out good a little overdone on top but very tasty inside.

I cooked chicken pieces that I had deboned and skinned in chicken broth until completely cooked then shredded the meat with forks. I added the meat to a bowl of drained black beans, yellow corn kernels, chopped jalapenos, diced red pepper, diced red onion, and shredded sharp cheddar cheese. I mixed the ingredients together then filled the tortillas and rolled then and placed then in a greased baking dish. Then I covered them with enchilada sauce and more grated cheese, topped with chopped green onions.

For the spanish rice I cooked rice in chicken broth until the broth was gone and then added chunky salsa. I also added roasted tomatoes to the rice which added to the color and flavor.

For the frijoles I used the canned version using a Mexican brand for at least trying to get it close to the real thing.

I have enough meat, beans and rice to make another meal. Maybe chicken tacos this weekend. Maybe huevos rancheros some morning too 🙂

Nice sunny day here today not to hot not to cold needed a jacket to walk Shelby in the morning and this evening just to keep the chill off of me.


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