♫ The Rain Is Gone ♫

♫♪ The sun is back yay ♬♩

The birds are chipping the sun is shinning the storm has passed all is well again 🙂

I was busy all day; I did my usual morning chores like walking the dog and cleaning the rig up and then me. Then I went to town and shopped at a Dollar Store, I love shopping there as my money goes a lot farther then at any other store. After shopping at the Dollar store I went to Safeway and got a few groceries then I went to lunch. There was a little Chinese restaurant next to Safeway and I had a luncheon special; egg flower soup, egg foo young with fried rice, an egg roll and a pot of tea. The restaurant had a huge aquarium with very large fish I guess they were some form of carp and two algae eaters that where huge also watching the fish was entertaining. After lunch I went to Walmart to place an prescription order then went to Lowe’s and got some PVC pipe and fittings to bring water out to the RV spot.

I later drove back to my son’s house and met him and we drove to the car dealer to pick up his wife’s car that had been repaired and then drove back home. The dealership is on the other side of Tucson from where my son and his wife live and it took a long time to get there and back. When we got back I made dinner. Dinner was oven fried chicken, baked sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sliced tomatoes, and fresh baked corn bread.

After dinner I walked my dog Shelby and watched the stars for few minutes, that is one thing about being on the outskirts of Tucson you get a beautiful view of the night sky!


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