I had no idea I was a Rubber Tramp

I found this article and had to share 🙂

I Had No Idea I Was A “Rubber Tramp”
by Ramona Creel
Matt and I were putzing around Old Town Key West one day last week, when I wandered into the Bull And Whistle to take some pictures of the paintings on the walls. A gentleman who looked sort of like Hank Williams Jr. in a Hawaiian shirt was performing for a small crowd, and I managed to inadvertently catch his attention (that’s what I get for wearing a cowboy hat with a sun dress!) When he found out that we were full-timers, he very kindly sang me a song about being a “Rubber Tramp.”
Stereotypes Are There For A Reason
Before launching into his serenade, Yankee Jack took a minute to inform me that RVers are called “rubber tramps” in Key West. I had heard this phrase before, but associated it with being one step up from homeless — hobos who lived out of their cars and bummed money off people for food and gas. It seemed a somewhat derogatory label, and the definition I later found at UrbanDictionary.com was not at all flattering — “A person that lives in and creeps around in a vehicle that looks like it’s barely held together with rubber bands, chewing gum, and chicken wire. They’re often seen parked in the back of supermarket parking lots or hanging around public parks, alleys, shelters, welfare offices, or liquor stores. Most of the time, the person also looks as completely worn out as the vehicle does.” Excuse me??? Matt and I live a relatively “middle class” (albeit unusual) life in our fine and fabulous Airstream, working and paying taxes and trying to encourage others to follow their own unconventional dreams. But when I heard the lyrics, I realized that this song was meant much more kindly — and that (aside from the Wal-Mart bit), he was singing about us!
If your place of relaxation is your mode of transportation,

You’re a rubber tramp, a rubber tramp.

If you cook and eat your meals in a kitchen that has wheels,

You’re a rubber tramp, a rubber tramp.
If your house is spelled “R-V,” you’re in damn good company,

On the beach or in the trees, you go anyplace you please.
Drive from Texas up to Maine, and your world is self-contained,

You’re a rubber tramp, a rubber tramp.
If you’re sleeping on a cot, in a Wal-Mart parking lot,

You’re a rubber tramp, a rubber tramp.
If you keep your toilet bowl in a tiny cubbyhole,

You’re a rubber tramp, a rubber tramp.
If you’re sharing what you own with another motorhome,

If you’re always making friends on a road that never ends,    And you’re living out your life with a minimum of strife,

You’re a rubber tramp, a rubber tramp.
Yeah, Yankee Jack’s got a pretty solid sense of what it’s like to RV. What can I say — it’s not Shakespeare, but it made me smile!
listen to “Rubber Tramp” by Yankee Jack

Resource Box: Copyright Ramona Creel, all rights reserved. Ramona Creel is a modern Renaissance woman and guru of simplicity — traveling the country as a full-time RVer, sharing her story of radically downsizing, and inspiring others to regain control of their own lives. As a Professional Organizer and Accountability Coach, Ramona will help you create the time and space to focus on your true priorities — clearing away the clutter other obstacles and standing in the way of that life you’ve always wanted to be living. As a Professional Photographer, Ramona captures powerful images of places and people as she travels. And as a travel writer, social commentator, and blogger, she shares her experiences and insights about the world as we know it. You can see all these sides of Ramona — read her articles, browse through her photographs, and even hire her to help get your life in order — at http://www.ramonacreel.com. And be sure to follow her on Twitter at http://twitter.com/ramonacreel and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ramonacreel.


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  1. ” And you’re living out your life with a minimum of strife”

    Not sure this fits at the moment… other wise.. Okay

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