Pecos TX today

Made it to Pecos TX today and got 12.4 miles to the gallon just keeping the old bus on 55 mph. That’s pretty good for such a heavy old thing with a 460 engine!

Got the Trapark RV park just in time the full hook up spots were going fast and I got the last one. There were other slots available but I am on the front row and have a shaded spot. That won’t matter much as I’ll be leaving early as I can manage in the morning.

I got to attend the “Happy Hour” which here is a meeting of the Members of the Escapees RV club. Most of the residents of the park are oil field workers and so they don’t attend the meetings they are working in the oil fields around Pecos. The few members that showed up were a talkative lot and we sat around and talked about this and that and finally we broke up and went and did our thing, what ever that is; mine was to walk Shelby my trusty traveling companion and then feed her, her dinner and my cat Pia also was wanting her dinner. Once all the fur kids were fed it was time to feed me.

I talked on the phone to Samantha and she related how the new heater has been installed at the house and works fine and so does the air conditioner so that is a good deal. The bill is a bitter pill to swallow but the heater has to work to get the place sold.

So, I am off to bed early in hopes that I will get up early tomorrow and be on the road at a reasonable time so I can get some miles in before it get to warm. So far everything is going well.


♫We’re on the road again♬ :-)

We got up early today and had a nice walk with Shelby my Lab. We walked over to the neighbor’s corral and said good by to the horse there, the horse is a senior citizen like Shelby and me, we seniors like to meet and talk and two of us like our ears rubbed 🙂

After the walk I took care of a few chores and then made the rig ready for travel unplugging the electric and disconnecting the water hose. Then I discovered I had a water leak! Yikes! The first thing I did was to check what kind of water used or fresh? It is fresh water, if it were waste water that would be a worse problem. A fresh water leak is bad enough, the stinky stuff is a way bigger problem. The inside of the coach from what I can tell is not wet so this is a mystery where the water is coming from ….. oh well another chance to spend money fixing something.

We headed down the road and stopped at a quick stop for gas and a breakfast biscuit, I ate half and Shelby ate half, it was tasty but more than I can eat. Then we got serious about getting some miles done and headed east on I-10 humming along at a rollicking 55 MPH ! Ya, I drive slow, but I get good fuel milage out of this old house on wheels, we averaged a little over 10 MPG today and that was with a lot of hills. I got to Wilcox AZ about 10am stopped and made some phone calls then back on the road again, listening to the hum of the tires on the pavement. I got to Deming NM at about 1:30 or so and took on fuel so as not to be delayed in the morning. I got to my site at the Low-Hi Ranch at 2pm AZ time and shortly there after I was busy reuniting with people I had met before and meeting some new people. I attended the 4pm meeting that is held every day and talked with more people-this place is fun wish I were staying longer.

I have had my din-din, and shower, now checking e-mail and I am going to bed early tonight. I need my rest for tomorrow as it will be a long ride to Pecos TX.

Update March 28, 2011

Been in the hospital again with chest pain no heart attack just Angina, found out that I have some scaring on the heart from some previous incident that I wasn’t told about. Feel better now and I am back walking my dog and doing normal stuff. Now and then I have to pause to let the heart/lungs catch up but it doesn’t seem to worry the Docs.

I have been spending time with family in Tucson Az and now that there is an offer on the house in Texas I am headed back there to make sure everything goes smoothly and sell my van. Hopefully all will go well and the house will sell without a hitch.

Social Security Office Visit

I needed another copy of my IRS Form 1099 so I went to the Social Security Office in Tucson. Every bag gets search no guns, no knifes and phones must be silenced…GOT THAT? Good, use the touch screen to the left and get a number and have seat until called…
So I got my 1099 and now I can fill out my taxes this year and pay as usual….grrr grrrr

RV Spot Photos

Here are a few photos of the new spot to park the rig. There are two electrical outlets so two RVs could be parked there if needed, there is a hose bib and a new gate to make crossing the fence to the house convenient. My son did a lot of the work including making a very functional and useful gate.

I am sad that I won’t be able to use it for long as I need to return to Texas and take care of a few problems there, so the house can sell.


It is always something

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The photos above are of the ditch while it was open that is now filled in and the water line is completed and works fine. While we were installing the water line and had the water off to the house we decided to fix a couple of hose bibs that were dripping. Those hose bibs hadn’t been off in a long time and were a bear to get off. Now they don’t leak.

Sunday afternoon the electrician came out and the electricity was connected to the outlets at the RV site. Everything works….. except that my plug is unusually big and it won’t fit and the outlet is mounted upside down. The electrician turned the female plug around so I could connect.  I used my extension cord on my big plug and could get connect to the female plug in, because the male plug end on the extension cord is smaller than my regular cord coming out of the rig, but, there is always a but, the plug is not all the way in so the opening for the cord has to be made larger so the male plug fits flat.

I called Samantha this evening and we went over a few issues with the house seems that the furnace isn’t working and she can’t figure why out what is wrong, as it was working when she left there a month ago. The other issue is that the mortgage holder hasn’t paid the insurance on the house and the mortgage holder has gone up on the escrow fee $200 dollars! That’s a lot of money in my book. We have an offer on the house, but everything has to work so that furnace has to be fixed and the insurance $800 dollars has to be paid. Crap it is always something !

I better get back to Texas and help close this deal on the house and get out from under all those money issues and problems one has with a stix-and-bricks house and deal with the issues of living in an RV instead. Of course RVs have their own issues just that dealing with both issues at the same time is draining on the wallet and makes you distracted from enjoying yourself when you know that things are going wrong with one or the other or even both. Back to Texas we go!

Time to walk the dog…..

Busy Day and RV spot update

I had a list of things to get done today; empty waste tanks on the RV and fill LP tank on the RV, go to Wally World and get my prescription and to Lowe’s for some Reflectex to insulate the RV cabinets.

Seeing as the rig has been sitting for a couple of weeks it took a while to get most of the “stuff” put away and secured for travel. As usual there is always something that I forget and it coming loose, this time the new fire extinguisher came of its mount and fell-scared the crap out of me when it hit the floor. Then when I went around a corner the freezer door came open and dumped some stuff on the floor (I had forgotten to secure the door with bungee cords).

I dumped the waste tanks at the Pima Fair Grounds that only cost $5.00, vs $10.00 at a private park. The Pima Fair Grounds is a busy place just a week ago there was horse jumping event going on and this week there is a quarter horse show going on and the County Fair is next month and the exhibitors have started to arrive and the Carnival trucks are coming in and getting ready to set up for the Fair. The Fair Grounds will be hopping for a few weeks with all that going on.

I then drove to a private park to fill the LP tank and they charged a premium for the convenience of having them fill my tank, $3.05 a gallon total cost $30.00, I could have saved about $4.00 if I drove to the truck stop but would have used more than that in fuel to get there and back so I guess the “convenience” was worth it.

The RV spot hasn’t has been on hold till this weekend when my son can get the time to work on the water line and then we can fill in the ditch. The electric line is in and if the electrician shows up and changes out the circuit breakers to thirty amps then the electric outlets will be usable. I was surprised at the cost of the electrical wire $275.00, for 200 feet and that didn’t include the cost of the outlet boxes and conduit, then there is the labor which hasn’t been revealed yet. The whole shebang should cost about $800.00 more or less as they say, sure is putting a dent in my checking account, but I’ll have a place to stay when I come back to Tucson and won’t overload the electric circuits and I won’t be parked in front of the ‘folks’ bedroom window, which I am sure will be a relief to them too. So let’s hope the electrician comes, as he said, Sunday, and gets the right sized breaker installed in the breaker box. The sad thing is I will be leaving soon.

There has been an offer on the Texas property and we have accepted the offer, it sold lock stock and barrel as they say which saves a lot of work selling and or moving furniture and fixtures all we have to do is move out our personal stuff. We didn’t break even on the deal but we didn’t loose our shirts as the saying goes. Not having to come up with the mortgage and utilities every month as well as the all the other expenses that go with owning a house and land will be a relief. So back to Texas in few days to clean up the loose ends there and hopefully sign over the property and move on.

Now what to do with my Ford van ? Sell it ? Tow it ? What ? I could tow it, but that wouldn’t be economical, I would have to buy a tow dolly too.  I could sell it, but would it sell before the house papers are passed? There is always something !

Oh! I almost forgot; I went to Wally World to pick up my prescription and when the clerk told me the price $121.00, I asked him what medication it was for and he said lipitor, which I take, but hadn’t ordered, however the medication I had asked for wasn’t there and I had asked for it four or five days ago. So there was a scramble to get that medication order straightened out. Seems the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Oddly enough they were able to transfer my prescription from Texas in record time vs what I was told four or five days ago, hmmm makes one wonder. I think that Walmart Pharmacy is overloaded with work and they are letting things fall through the cracks. Twice they gave me the wrong prescription in Texas at least they haven’t done that here yet, but I have to keep alert as to what medication they are giving to me before I pay for it or I could be in trouble not having enough of the medication I need and having to scramble to get it.