Chore day

It was time to clean the rig today I took up the rugs and tossed them outside and borrowed a vacuum cleaner and vacuumed the rig and tried to get up all the hair from two dogs a cat and me. The Rig looks cleaner, I went over all the surfaces with a damp cloth getting as much of the dust and finger prints off of the walls doors and cabinets as possible.

The fur kids had to wait outside while I completed my chores and they were a bit puzzled by the whole affair, usually they are in the house when I am outside in the Rig cleaning house. As soon as I let them they zoomed back in and claimed their place back on the sofa. As if to say “this is our place don’t make it smell different Mom!” spoiled brats πŸ™‚

Miss Kitty watched the process of cleaning safely on her perch sitting on the dash and twitching her tail. She now has a nice clean cat box to do business in without (I hope) the cat box smell.

Later I had lunch; a half of a ham sandwich with a tid bit or two going to the fur kids, dessert was yogurt all with a cup of coffee, the instant stuff from Starbucks. The Starbucks coffee was a little strong next time I will either use a bigger cup or use less of the coffee. Still it was good. Then I felt tired and sleepy so I took a nap, ah retirement is wonderful you can take a nap and not feel guilty :))

I made an appointment with a groomer for Spencer our Shih Tzu to have a bath and cut tomorrow at 10am. He has long hair and is built close to the ground and therefore gets very dirty and his coat gets matted and smells. He is a cute little bugger though πŸ™‚


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