A Cloudy Day in Tucson

Better Photo than before?

It was a cloudy day here in Tucson, it looked like rain all day and there was a nippy breeze; not the kind of day the Chamber of Commerce would boast about. This is rodeo week here in the Old Pueblo and they had the horse drawn parade and the Rodeo is still going on providing entertainment for the tourists and would be cowboys and girls, as well as lots of work for EMT and Emergency room staff, not to mention the police with drunks whooping it up and young people getting hurt riding various animals in feats of skill allegedly living up to the Cowboy/Western mystic. I am just not interested in it anymore.

I went on few errands with the family today and that used up the day pretty fast. At some point in the day began to feel sad. I don’t know when it happened or how or why, maybe seeing a young couple with their baby and another on the way triggered an emotion long buried in my memory of a family life lost in strife and misunderstandings of wrong paths taken and mistakes that cannot be undone. Oh, if we only knew then what we know now would things have been different? No river of tears can change anything now, so we endure and stumble along our life’s path wondering where it will take us. My heart is heavy at the memories of love lost and decisions that went ever so wrong that I share the blame doesn’t lessen the sorrow I feel. Some lessons in life are a heavy burden to carry.

Later in the evening I watched Casablanca in black and white with my son and his wife, a pleasant evening of dinner together and a movie. Very comfortable surroundings and comforting to share a peaceful evening together.


One thought on “A Cloudy Day in Tucson

  1. Sorry you had moments of heavy feelings on this day. I do sympathize with you over feelings of life’s struggles and or burdens. I hope you had a better week and know that we love you!!

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