Tossing and Turning Last Night

There was another thing bothering me and keeping me awake last night. I had a folder from a mortgage company with all my personal data in it. If it got into the wrong hands I could be in big trouble, make that BIG TROUBLE ! I searched the rig again and again and I got up in the middle of the night and searched the pick-up truck I used yesterday and came up empty handed. First thing in the morning after the folks were up and about I looked in their house and there it was on the dinning room table. What a relief that was to find that folder. I also had to get up in the middle of the night because the heater was not putting out heat. I had gotten the LP tanks filled yesterday and when the stove wouldn’t light I knew the most likely thing was that the man who filled the tank had shut of the gas to the rig from the tank and sure enough he had. I was just a little ticked about finding that out in the dark I tell Ya 😦

I talked to my friend Samantha about the house in Texas, she came home to find the pipes had busted and had to call the plumbers to come fix it. They had a lot of work to do replacing pipes. She wanted us to lower the price again and I agreed and got in touch with our real estate agent and got that taken care of.  Like the Old Lady in the Shoe said “If it isn’t on thing it’s another’!

I had some eggs in the cooler that were getting old so I boiled them up and made egg salad for a sandwich; still have some eggs left they are in the fridge waiting for my next experiment in food preparation.

I have been so busy today washing clothes taking a shower boiling eggs for egg salad and chasing after my kitty that got out of the rig I think I will take a nap. As you can see I am a very busy retired person eheh.


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