On again Off again

I was getting into the house hunting mode big time here in Tucson. Those that know me know how obsessed I can get when I get on the hunt for anything. In this case I got way ahead of myself and forgot or discounted the fact I still have a house in Texas I am paying for and responsible for and paying for two houses far apart would be like making trouble for myself in a big way. So I have put the brakes on the house hunting thing until the house in Texas is sold and then I’ll revisit the possibility of owning another, “sticks and bricks”, house.

My home on wheels is fine right now I have everything I need; bed, bath, kitchen, lounge, computer space and the view I can change at any time, as long as the fuel prices are within reach 😦

Another beautiful day in the winter in Tucson. I took the dogs for their morning walk for over an hour today. They are lounging about resting up from their trek as though they had really done something, eheh.

I was busy all day; took the fur kids for an hour walk, then made the rig ready for travel, went the Propane place to fill the propane tank then on to Camper’s world and dumped my waste tanks and shopped for a bit. After that I went to the Triple T truck stop out side of Tucson for lunch, those who have been there will tell you it is a good lunch stop. I had the best taco salad I have ever had at the TTT today it was a big satisfying meal. If your own the I-10 around Tucson and your hungry stop at the TTT and you’ll find some large meals that will satisfy your hunger, not cheap but worth the price. Later in the day I shopped at Fry’s Grocery store and picked up dinner at a Chinese Restaurant; shrimp egg foo young and BBQ beef fried rice that was good too.

Now it is late evening in my rig and the fur kids have had their snack and it is time to turn in for the night.


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