Still in Tucson “The Old Pueblo”

Oh Dear I look ... Washed out

Still camped in Tucson/Vail and the routine is to get up early and walk the dogs every morning watching the Sun come up over the mountains. Only one rainy/cloudy day. In the neighborhood I have seen lots of rabbits, heard lots of coyotes seen one big javelina; today I saw a huge coyote cross in front of the pick up truck I was driving. I don’t think I have ever seen such a big coyote before. Maybe it wasn’t a coyote it looked like one though.

I have been doing the real estate look-y-loo thing and have been disappointed so far. I am seeing a real estate agent tomorrow and maybe I can work with him to clarify what I want and where I want it. I lived in Tucson before in a tiny little house close to the University of Arizona and loved the little place. Because of a divorce I ended up paying for two houses and one had to go-sadly it was the little house in Tucson. Maybe I can find another little house in Tucson and maybe this time will be better.

I did do one thing new and for me a brave thing. I had permanent eye make up done it is a tattoo. The lady who did it didn’t hurt me too much and from the comments I have received it seems to have been a good job.


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