Another Sunny Day In Arizona

The morning got off to a slow start, took the fur kids for their walk. Several folks who live around here walk their dogs in the morning. The roads around these parts are not very busy and it seems everyone knows everyone else and is careful driving past walkers.

I had a light breakfast and slowly stowed the lose stuff and neatened up the rig a bit; changed the cat’s litter box (finally), and rolled out of here about 1030 this morning heading back to Camper’s World. I planned to buy two things; a water pump for the fresh water tank and a 3″ waste water valve. The pump the rig has now makes a burp noise after reaching pressure and then every few minutes it burps again and keeps doing it. Normally this would indicate a leak, but I can’t find any signs of a leak anywhere, I am replacing the pump hoping that it will cure the problem. The waste tank valve is hard to use, opening or closing, it must be obstructed by crud and one of these days I am going to break it from yanking on it to open or banging on it to close it, it is getting replaced before I screw things up big time.

I am no mechanic, so I am approaching these repairs with trepidation. Another words I don’t know what the hell I am doing, but I am going to do it anyway. If I screw it up I will call a professional to fix it.

Like all specialty vehicles RV’s have special equipment just for them and because of that the price for replacement parts is high and labor is very high. If I do a few things myself I could save some money, which would make me a very happy camper 🙂

I put the vent hood on by myself the other day and it went well and today I drove with the vent open and nothing flew off the rig and there was no rattling of the the vent cover as I drove around so I guess I did a good enough job on that project.

I had to do some shopping so I went to Wally World, by the time I got there I was hungry and right where I parked was a Taco Bell. Normally I eschew such places, but I made an exception this time and had my late lunch there; three tacos and a drink. I know such excitement it’s hard to stop the chills from the thrills with my gastronomic adventure !

I took my time shopping and managed to use up a couple of hours and way to much money for way to little. Then it was time to drive back to my camping spot through the afternoon traffic of Tucson. I was lucky nobody cut me off or waved the international salute or even blew their horn-somedays you get lucky.


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