Camper’s World

I got off to an early start yesterday and went to Camper’s World where RV’rs can spend lots of money on stuff for their Rigs. I was looking for a new table for my rig, the one I have is not making me happy and looks odd where it is shoved up against the wall and the cabinet with the sink, this makes an awkward arrangement. The table I wanted costs over a hundred dollars and before I spend that money I want to be sure I am getting something that fits and I will be happy with after mounting it in the Rig. I measured and thought about it and tried to visualize how it would work and still I couldn’t come to a decision that I was comfortable with. So, in the end I didn’t buy it.

What I did buy was a vent hood that will allow me to have a vent open even when it rains or the wind is blowing hard. Now the trick is to mount the thing over the vent properly. This could get interesting; me climbing up on the roof with hood and tools and getting it fastened properly so it won’t fly off when I drive down the highway and crash into someone’s car and get sued. So that’s my project today; installing the hood over the roof vent.


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