Doing the quick step

I didn’t get much done yesterday; I was fine the first thing in the morning then just after walking the dogs I felt some urge that couldn’t be denied and from then on I was never to far from a porcelain throne. So I played on the computer for most of the day taking the fur kids for short, very short, walks.

I got up early today after a fair night’s rest and so far I feel fine took the fur kids on their walk and watched the sun come up over the mountains-it looks like another fine day in Arizona.

We watched, some more intently than others, rabbits, quail, doves and other birds on our walk, the dogs had a great time sniffing, pulling on the leash, tangling me in the leashes and leaving their mark where ever they could find an appropriate spot. I have noticed that to a dog where one pees is of a high level of importance and choosing the right rock to wet takes time and effort. This scenario is amusing to watch unless your standing in the early morning pre-dawn with cold hands holding the leashes, “com-on kids get it over with!”. Eventually we get the job done and arrive back at the rig and the fur kids flop where the want and begin to inspect their eyelids for pinholes and snore. You would think they had really done something.

I changed the picture on the header of this blog and it is of the early morning sunrise of the mountains south of Tucson Arizona. Looks peaceful doesn’t it?


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