Arrived Tucson

I arrived safely in Tucson after stopping at a few places first. The first stop was Lordsburg NM where I found out that my waste tank valves are frozen so I couldn’t dump my tanks, still waiting for them to thaw, the next stop was in Wilcox Az where I stopped at Stout’s Cider Mill and bought an apple pie then went shopping at Safeway Supermarket. The market was full of people because their water lines in their homes had frozen and they wanted to buy water and other things, there was plenty of water for sale and I got a big container of water also. Then it was on to my Son’s house in Vail and as usual the GPS wanted take me on a tour of the neighborhoods, but this time I knew not to follow the darn thing and keep to the main roads. Once I got on Old Spanish trail the GPS got some sense in it and led me to the house without a problem. I did make one other stop and that was at Texas Canyon and took a couple of photos. 

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Yesterday was take the cats to the vet day to get neutered and shop for the Super Bowl Sunday extravaganza. We made reservations for Brunch at the Arizona Inn for 11:30, it should be a nice brunch in nice surroundings. I’ll report later on that event.


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