Another CCCold Day

The temperature hasn’t gone up much in several days. The water pump for the park is frozen and there is no water to the rigs. So if you didn’t fill your on board water tank you have no water and some who did don’t have water either as the pipes in their rig have frozen and they can’t pump water from their tank to the faucets. I didn’t know this until I went to wash my clothes and saw water jugs on the folding table in the laundry. I asked what that was for and was told that the jugs were for flushing the toilets, so no laundry today.

I am breaking camp tomorrow and heading to Tucson. I’ve had enough of the Nanook of the North routine-I need to thaw out and get somewhere more comfortable than this place. I can’t stand to be outside more than ten minutes and that is with hat, gloves, two jackets and a sweatshirt on. It is an ordeal to walk the dogs and pick up after them. My hands are frozen when I get back to the rig and so is my face.

Snow covered mountains Deming NM 2011


2 thoughts on “Another CCCold Day

  1. Well you could’ve been here during our cold spell which was -15 to -22 several days in a row. It’s awful when it gets that cold. Cuts right through you.

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