It Was A Good Day Today

I have been looking forward to today, Tuesdays the club gets a group together and goes to a restaurant in Palomas MX across the border from Columbus NM, the restaurant/store is called The Pink Store. This has been a tradition for quite a few years for the club to go there for lunch. A number of members also go to the town for dental work, eyeglasses, hearing aides and medications, they save quite a bit of money shopping there and boost the economy as well.

The lunch went great; good food, music, lots of story telling by the members and even a little dancing. I got to use my Spanish for a little bit and it felt good to speak it again. I had a good time and met some interesting people other than the club members too.

Tonight we are expecting a storm and the wind has been rocking the RV-there is talk that we may see a snow flake or two! I am prepared for the storm have lots of food plenty of fuel and water so it is just a matter of waiting the storm out and then I will be able to move on west to Tucson.



2 thoughts on “It Was A Good Day Today

  1. Sounds like you had a fun day at The Pink Store! 🙂 A VERY cold front moved through here the last couple of days and it has been -15 to -25. Strangely enough the folks running the school districts here in town don’t believe that is too cold to hold school, however I do so the kids have stayed home the last couple of days – which they believe is the greatest thing ever. Haha.

    • I bet the kids were happy as could be not to go to school …. not so happy when they find out they have tomake up the work. Ah, a kid’s life …. Cold as a Well digger’s Ass in the Klondike here in Deming with blowing snow…. yuck ! I’ll stay put until the weather improves then head to Arizona…. Tickle the kids for me !!!Kay

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