Chore day

It was time to clean the rig today I took up the rugs and tossed them outside and borrowed a vacuum cleaner and vacuumed the rig and tried to get up all the hair from two dogs a cat and me. The Rig looks cleaner, I went over all the surfaces with a damp cloth getting as much of the dust and finger prints off of the walls doors and cabinets as possible.

The fur kids had to wait outside while I completed my chores and they were a bit puzzled by the whole affair, usually they are in the house when I am outside in the Rig cleaning house. As soon as I let them they zoomed back in and claimed their place back on the sofa. As if to say “this is our place don’t make it smell different Mom!” spoiled brats πŸ™‚

Miss Kitty watched the process of cleaning safely on her perch sitting on the dash and twitching her tail. She now has a nice clean cat box to do business in without (I hope) the cat box smell.

Later I had lunch; a half of a ham sandwich with a tid bit or two going to the fur kids, dessert was yogurt all with a cup of coffee, the instant stuff from Starbucks. The Starbucks coffee was a little strong next time I will either use a bigger cup or use less of the coffee. Still it was good. Then I felt tired and sleepy so I took a nap, ah retirement is wonderful you can take a nap and not feel guilty :))

I made an appointment with a groomer for Spencer our Shih Tzu to have a bath and cut tomorrow at 10am. He has long hair and is built close to the ground and therefore gets very dirty and his coat gets matted and smells. He is a cute little bugger though πŸ™‚


Surprise! Snow ‘N’ Tucson

We awoke to a surprise Snow! I took the fur kids for a walk in the snow and they had fun running their noses through the snow trying to sniff out their favorite spots.

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This snow stuff doesn’t happen very often in the Tucson area, further north it is a common occurrence like in Flagstaff. Usually the mountain called Mt. Lemon that is just outside of Tucson gets snow and it has a ski lift to take advantage of the snow. Mt. Lemon is the most southern point in the U.S. for skiing or so I am told.

A Cloudy Day in Tucson

Better Photo than before?

It was a cloudy day here in Tucson, it looked like rain all day and there was a nippy breeze; not the kind of day the Chamber of Commerce would boast about. This is rodeo week here in the Old Pueblo and they had the horse drawn parade and the Rodeo is still going on providing entertainment for the tourists and would be cowboys and girls, as well as lots of work for EMT and Emergency room staff, not to mention the police with drunks whooping it up and young people getting hurt riding various animals in feats of skill allegedly living up to the Cowboy/Western mystic. I am just not interested in it anymore.

I went on few errands with the family today and that used up the day pretty fast. At some point in the day began to feel sad. I don’t know when it happened or how or why, maybe seeing a young couple with their baby and another on the way triggered an emotion long buried in my memory of a family life lost in strife and misunderstandings of wrong paths taken and mistakes that cannot be undone. Oh, if we only knew then what we know now would things have been different? No river of tears can change anything now, so we endure and stumble along our life’s path wondering where it will take us. My heart is heavy at the memories of love lost and decisions that went ever so wrong that I share the blame doesn’t lessen the sorrow I feel. Some lessons in life are a heavy burden to carry.

Later in the evening I watched Casablanca in black and white with my son and his wife, a pleasant evening of dinner together and a movie. Very comfortable surroundings and comforting to share a peaceful evening together.

Tossing and Turning Last Night

There was another thing bothering me and keeping me awake last night. I had a folder from a mortgage company with all my personal data in it. If it got into the wrong hands I could be in big trouble, make that BIG TROUBLE ! I searched the rig again and again and I got up in the middle of the night and searched the pick-up truck I used yesterday and came up empty handed. First thing in the morning after the folks were up and about I looked in their house and there it was on the dinning room table. What a relief that was to find that folder. I also had to get up in the middle of the night because the heater was not putting out heat. I had gotten the LP tanks filled yesterday and when the stove wouldn’t light I knew the most likely thing was that the man who filled the tank had shut of the gas to the rig from the tank and sure enough he had. I was just a little ticked about finding that out in the dark I tell Ya 😦

I talked to my friend Samantha about the house in Texas, she came home to find the pipes had busted and had to call the plumbers to come fix it. They had a lot of work to do replacing pipes. She wanted us to lower the price again and I agreed and got in touch with our real estate agent and got that taken care of. Β Like the Old Lady in the Shoe said “If it isn’t on thing it’s another’!

I had some eggs in the cooler that were getting old so I boiled them up and made egg salad for a sandwich; still have some eggs left they are in the fridge waiting for my next experiment in food preparation.

I have been so busy today washing clothes taking a shower boiling eggs for egg salad and chasing after my kitty that got out of the rig I think I will take a nap. As you can see I am a very busy retired person eheh.

On again Off again

I was getting into the house hunting mode big time here in Tucson. Those that know me know how obsessed I can get when I get on the hunt for anything. In this case I got way ahead of myself and forgot or discounted the fact I still have a house in Texas I am paying for and responsible for and paying for two houses far apart would be like making trouble for myself in a big way. So I have put the brakes on the house hunting thing until the house in Texas is sold and then I’ll revisit the possibility of owning another, “sticks and bricks”, house.

My home on wheels is fine right now I have everything I need; bed, bath, kitchen, lounge, computer space and the view I can change at any time, as long as the fuel prices are within reach 😦

Another beautiful day in the winter in Tucson. I took the dogs for their morning walk for over an hour today. They are lounging about resting up from their trek as though they had really done something, eheh.

I was busy all day; took the fur kids for an hour walk, then made the rig ready for travel, went the Propane place to fill the propane tank then on to Camper’s world and dumped my waste tanks and shopped for a bit. After that I went to the Triple T truck stop out side of Tucson for lunch, those who have been there will tell you it is a good lunch stop. I had the best taco salad I have ever had at the TTT today it was a big satisfying meal. If your own the I-10 around Tucson and your hungry stop at the TTT and you’ll find some large meals that will satisfy your hunger, not cheap but worth the price. Later in the day I shopped at Fry’s Grocery store and picked up dinner at a Chinese Restaurant; shrimp egg foo young and BBQ beef fried rice that was good too.

Now it is late evening in my rig and the fur kids have had their snack and it is time to turn in for the night.

Still in Tucson “The Old Pueblo”

Oh Dear I look ... Washed out

Still camped in Tucson/Vail and the routine is to get up early and walk the dogs every morning watching the Sun come up over the mountains. Only one rainy/cloudy day. In the neighborhood I have seen lots of rabbits, heard lots of coyotes seen one big javelina; today I saw a huge coyote cross in front of the pick up truck I was driving. I don’t think I have ever seen such a big coyote before. Maybe it wasn’t a coyote it looked like one though.

I have been doing the real estate look-y-loo thing and have been disappointed so far. I am seeing a real estate agent tomorrow and maybe I can work with him to clarify what I want and where I want it. I lived in Tucson before in a tiny little house close to the University of Arizona and loved the little place. Because of a divorce I ended up paying for two houses and one had to go-sadly it was the little house in Tucson. Maybe I can find another little house in Tucson and maybe this time will be better.

I did do one thing new and for me a brave thing. I had permanent eye make up done it is a tattoo. The lady who did it didn’t hurt me too much and from the comments I have received it seems to have been a good job.

Still In Tucson

I ams still camping at my relatives house in Tucson, I don’t know for how long. I have a meeting to attend on the 6th of March so I will leave before then for sure.
The weather here has been beautiful dry sunny and not to hot. The best time of the year for Tucson.