Sunday’s Report

I went out to what I thought was going to be a BBQ by some group and it turned out to be BBQ buffet at a little restaurant in the middle of nowhere that was also a Paint Ball business. There’s a combination for you ! First off I am not a big fan of Southwest BBQ, I find it dry and tasteless and Sunday’s experience didn’t change my mind about that either. I know that some people are big fans of BBQ and drool over the prospect of putting that dry, flavorless, grey stuff in their mouths, they can have my share-I’ll eat it if there isn’t anything else !

Other than walking the dogs and cleaning the rig that was Sunday. I came back from the “BBQ” and went to the four o’clock meeting that is held everyday and nothing new there.

Tonight is Potluck here at the ranch and there usually is a good variety of foods to choose from and a laugh and giggle or two. I am bringing ham slices and wine tonight. Tomorrow is Pink Store day, this is when some folks from here go to Columbus NM and cross over into Mexico to a little town called Palomas and have lunch at a store/restaurant called….. you guessed it The Pink Store ! It is a fun thing to do and some folks think it is very adventurous. Also some Americans get dental work, eyeglasses and hearing aids there as well as liquor and handicrafts.

Reportedly there is a cold front due to arrive this evening and stay for a couple of days and depending on which weather report you follow how bad it will be either way it will be well below freezing and windy. So if the wind isn’t to bad I’ll head west Wednesday morning.

Last night I watched a DVD called Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking, Professor Hawking is a Genius when it comes to Cosmology and Physics. The man is trapped in a body of which he cannot use and has to use a computer to speak. If there ever was a “Brain” this is one he is in the same league as Albert Einstein. The DVD is marvelous and beautifully done, I highly recommend it. I watched it for almost two hours, enthralled with the ideas and visuals presenting them.


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