Quiet Sunday

Last night I went out to the Movies ! I don’t usually go to the movies, but one of the ladies in the park wanted to go and was looking for others to go with her, so it ended up with just the two of us going to the local movie-plex and we watched Mechanic, a real shoot-um up, explosions and gore type of movie. It kept you interested in what would happen next. We stopped at Wally World before going pack to the park, I had to get a few things.

Today I am supposed to go with a small group to a BBQ around 1pm. I’ll tell you more about that later. The BBQ is highly recommended, so I’ll have the details later.

This morning I spent showering in the rig and neatening up, stowing stuff and taking the trash to the dumpster and looking for any leaks in the plumbing as my water pressure pump when it is on, keeps coming on for a couple a seconds at a time. I haven’t found any leaks yet, so it may be the pressure switch … then again it might be a leak. No problem I just use the pump when needed and when I get to an RV tech I’ll have him figure it out.

I also did some research on how to get to my son’s house from here and it looks as though I have it figured out. I may stay over night in Wilcox or somewhere else and try to arrive there on the weekend, we’ll see.


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