LowHi Ranch Deming NM

Memory Garden at the Ranch

Arrived here Monday and it was potluck dinner night. Tuesday I went to lunch and shopping at Wally World, Wednesday I went to a lecture about Poncho Villa’s raid  on Columbus NM in 1916 and that night I went to a brew pub for dinner and music. Today is laundry day and dump the tanks day.

It has been cold and windy here since my arrival, not the pleasant southwest I was looking for, I am hoping for a warmer day today and less wind.

This is Thursday and that means chore day, I dumped the tanks; that is a necessary chore for RV’rs the waste water goes into onboard tanks and when they get full one has to dump them into an RV sewer, sometimes called a dump. Hooking up the sewer hose to the RV and then to the sewer can be a problem for some people as they don’t like to deal with the waste water, they are not careful to get the hose secure and OOPS there is Crappy waste water all over the place make onlookers amused and the one with the problem stinky. Usually, I don’t have a problem because I check and recheck my connections. The other chore today was laundry; no matter how far you roam you have to deal with dirty laundry. The laundry room here is furnished with what I think are new top of the line washers and dryers a nice folding table, ironing board and iron two restrooms and lots of chairs to sit and wait while your laundry goes through the process. I am liking this place a lot.

Tomorrow I am going to get the LP tanks filled and do a little shopping for Pot Luck Monday.

Today’s weather was nice; sunny, very light breeze and almost warm, in the afternoon I could walk about without my parka on just a sweater 🙂



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