Nice day for a drive

I got off to an early start this morning; I woke up feeling hot and turned the heater off and by then I was wide awake and the fur kids wanted to go for a walk. I got dressed and took the kids for a walk, the morning are was cold, I could see my breath, a couple of trucks belonging to campers at the park were running -I guess they were getting ready to go to work, sure glad I don’t have to do that anymore. We went back to the rig and had breakfast, then I secured the rig for travel by 7:30 I was pulling out of the park and heading for I-20. It seemed like no time at all the sun was up and shining brightly there was little wind and little traffic. I didn’t get into traffic until a few miles outside of El Paso.

I stopped at a Flying J in El Paso exit 36, that was a mistake the whole front of the building where RV and cars park and fuel up was under construction and fenced off. I parked off to one side of the truckers lot trying to stay out of the way and had lunch. It sure is nice to start up the generator and heat something up for lunch. What would have taken over an hour in the restaurant took only half an hour and little expense. I was back on the road and in not time into backed up traffic. The problem was some young men were caring some boxes in the back of their pick up truck and the boxes flew out of their truck and caused some problems with stuff being on the road. The Police were there and that caused more slow down with folks trying to see what was going on with all the flashing lights. Once past that the traffic sped up and we sped across El Paso in no time.

Once crossing the border int New Mexico it was a straight run into Deming and to HiLo RV Ranch where they couldn’t find me in the computer. Gee, I felt like and orphan and of course I couldn’t find my membership card. I know I have it some where just can’t find it. I went to the potluck supper tonight and enjoyed talking to lots of folks there quite a gabby troupe of folks, mostly older than me with a few younger people sprinkled in for good measure. I think I will spend a week here.


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