Arrived Pecos TX

I arrived in Pecos about 2:30pm, and filled the LP tank at Flying J. I tried to get a new customer loyalty card but they were all out of them. I drove over to the RV Escapees RV Park and checked in, nice friendly folks minding the store got some information about the park expanding because of demand, it seems that up to 600 rigs are being drilled in the area and there will be a demand for housing and the park is going to do its best to fill the need. Right now there are more workers using the park than regular RV types and few Escapees use the park so it is weird not seeing a lot of SKP folks around and a lot of Oil Field workers camped semi-permenantly at the park.

I took the dogs for several walks and they enjoyed all the new smells and left a few of their own. After the last walk the fur kids settled down and are sleeping and snoring in unison.

I expect tonight will get cold as the sky is clear and it is in the forties when I arrived. I am glad I filled the LP tank so I will have heat tonight and be nice and cozy and get a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow I’ll be on the road to Deming NM it is supposed to take only five hours, but I don’t believe Google maps on that point as I have to go through El Paso TX and the traffic through the city can be busy and there could be delays. Five hours is a long day on the road, I may have to stay over night at a camp to get some rest and then drive in to Deming.


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