I left the Ranchito this morning about 10am, I wanted to leave earlier but there seemed to be one more thing to do and then one more thing to do and ….. You get the picture. I drove through Dallas and Fort Worth, there was only a little stop and go somewhere around Fort Worth on I-20 construction had two lanes closed on a Saturday morning and it didn’t seem that anything was being worked on. I made it Baird TX where I was supposed to find this RV park advertised on The Passport America site, couldn’t find it and I was getting tired it was 3:30 or so and I had enough of driving for the first day. I stopped for fuel and then was about to get back on the I-20 again when a sign caught my eye that said RV/Motel. It looked like a cheap place and to my surprise it was a nice cheap place full hookups including cable for $20 ! It isn’t spectacular, but it works for me I have plenty of electricity and water can be bored by the TV or use the internet with my Verizon Air Card with four bars.

I found out that the RV Park I was looking for is very small only four or five sites and no sign.

I took the dogs for two walks and we had dinner and we are looking forward to a nice night and an early start in the morning. Pecos here we come šŸ™‚



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