My Move To WordPress

I have decided to move to WordPress to expand my knowledge about blogging and to have a fresh start on writing about my adventure traveling. I travel in a class A RV with my pets and we visit various places in North America. I hope to keep traveling and learning about the U.S.A, Canada and Mexico in the process. I also hope to have a good time in process.

I am located now in Texas; I am trying to sell the house here, but the market is slow, so I am packing up the RV and heading out to where it is, I hope, warmer, sunnier and more interesting than East Texas in the winter. There is so much to do: pack the RV, divert the mail to the Escapees Mail Facility in Livingston, turn off the water so if the pipes freeze I won’t have a big water bill, inform the Real Estate Agent that I’ll be gone. The biggest job is packing the RV, I tend to take to much stuff, I am trying to avoid doing this this trip, but I still find myself taking way to many clothes.

I am leaving here and heading west to Arizona first stop Abilene Texas, the second stop is Pecos Texas then on to New Mexico for a few days. Of course all plans are written in Jello.


Nice camp in Colorado



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