Plans for the trip to Tucson and Yuma AZ

I am planing my next trip to Arizona. I have promised myself to take it easy driving and try not to drive all day and end up tired and stressed. So, this is the plan to drive from Wills Point, TX to Abilene, TX the first day. The second day drive to Pecos, TX remain over night. The following day drive to Deming NM and stay at the LOWs park there. If I feel like staying there for a day or two I will then drive on to Tucson.

I hope to spend a few days with my son and his wife in Tucson and then drive to Yuma for the Gypsy Gathering in March. The trip to Tucson is a little less than 1000 miles and I could do it in two days if traffic cooperated, however why wear myself out driving all day and getting stressed ?

This is my first time posting a map to my blog it has been a learning experience.

Of course all plans are written in Jello 🙂


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