Hunkered Down

The Cold Front Arrived Early !
Sitting here at the Hi Lo RV Ranch and the wind is rocking the rig back and forth as gusts of wind blow through Deming NM.
Sure glad I am not out driving in this stuff.


Sunday’s Report

I went out to what I thought was going to be a BBQ by some group and it turned out to be BBQ buffet at a little restaurant in the middle of nowhere that was also a Paint Ball business. There’s a combination for you ! First off I am not a big fan of Southwest BBQ, I find it dry and tasteless and Sunday’s experience didn’t change my mind about that either. I know that some people are big fans of BBQ and drool over the prospect of putting that dry, flavorless, grey stuff in their mouths, they can have my share-I’ll eat it if there isn’t anything else !

Other than walking the dogs and cleaning the rig that was Sunday. I came back from the “BBQ” and went to the four o’clock meeting that is held everyday and nothing new there.

Tonight is Potluck here at the ranch and there usually is a good variety of foods to choose from and a laugh and giggle or two. I am bringing ham slices and wine tonight. Tomorrow is Pink Store day, this is when some folks from here go to Columbus NM and cross over into Mexico to a little town called Palomas and have lunch at a store/restaurant called….. you guessed it The Pink Store ! It is a fun thing to do and some folks think it is very adventurous. Also some Americans get dental work, eyeglasses and hearing aids there as well as liquor and handicrafts.

Reportedly there is a cold front due to arrive this evening and stay for a couple of days and depending on which weather report you follow how bad it will be either way it will be well below freezing and windy. So if the wind isn’t to bad I’ll head west Wednesday morning.

Last night I watched a DVD called Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking, Professor Hawking is a Genius when it comes to Cosmology and Physics. The man is trapped in a body of which he cannot use and has to use a computer to speak. If there ever was a “Brain” this is one he is in the same league as Albert Einstein. The DVD is marvelous and beautifully done, I highly recommend it.ย I watched it for almost two hours, enthralled with the ideas and visuals presenting them.

Quiet Sunday

Last night I went out to the Movies ! I don’t usually go to the movies, but one of the ladies in the park wanted to go and was looking for others to go with her, so it ended up with just the two of us going to the local movie-plex and we watched Mechanic, a real shoot-um up, explosions and gore type of movie. It kept you interested in what would happen next. We stopped at Wally World before going pack to the park, I had to get a few things.

Today I am supposed to go with a small group to a BBQ around 1pm. I’ll tell you more about that later. The BBQ is highly recommended, so I’ll have the details later.

This morning I spent showering in the rig and neatening up, stowing stuff and taking the trash to the dumpster and looking for any leaks in the plumbing as my water pressure pump when it is on, keeps coming on for a couple a seconds at a time. I haven’t found any leaks yet, so it may be the pressure switch … then again it might be a leak. No problem I just use the pump when needed and when I get to an RV tech I’ll have him figure it out.

I also did some research on how to get to my son’s house from here and it looks as though I have it figured out. I may stay over night in Wilcox or somewhere else and try to arrive there on the weekend, we’ll see.

LowHi Ranch Deming NM

LowHi Ranch Deming NM

Memory Garden at the Ranch

Arrived here Monday and it was potluck dinner night. Tuesday I went to lunch and shopping at Wally World, Wednesday I went to a lecture about Poncho Villa’s raid ย on Columbus NM in 1916 and that night I went to a brew pub for dinner and music. Today is laundry day and dump the tanks day.

It has been cold and windy here since my arrival, not the pleasant southwest I was looking for, I am hoping for a warmer day today and less wind.

This is Thursday and that means chore day, I dumped the tanks; that is a necessary chore for RV’rs the waste water goes into onboard tanks and when they get full one has to dump them into an RV sewer, sometimes called a dump. Hooking up the sewer hose to the RV and then to the sewer can be a problem for some people as they don’t like to deal with the waste water, they are not careful to get the hose secure and OOPS there is Crappy waste water all over the place make onlookers amused and the one with the problem stinky. Usually, I don’t have a problem because I check and recheck my connections. The other chore today was laundry; no matter how far you roam you have to deal with dirty laundry. The laundry room here is furnished with what I think are new top of the line washers and dryers a nice folding table, ironing board and iron two restrooms and lots of chairs to sit and wait while your laundry goes through the process. I am liking this place a lot.

Tomorrow I am going to get the LP tanks filled and do a little shopping for Pot Luck Monday.

Today’s weather was nice; sunny, very light breeze and almost warm, in the afternoon I could walk about without my parka on just a sweater ๐Ÿ™‚


Nice day for a drive

I got off to an early start this morning; I woke up feeling hot and turned the heater off and by then I was wide awake and the fur kids wanted to go for a walk. I got dressed and took the kids for a walk, the morning are was cold, I could see my breath, a couple of trucks belonging to campers at the park were running -I guess they were getting ready to go to work, sure glad I don’t have to do that anymore. We went back to the rig and had breakfast, then I secured the rig for travel by 7:30 I was pulling out of the park and heading for I-20. It seemed like no time at all the sun was up and shining brightly there was little wind and little traffic. I didn’t get into traffic until a few miles outside of El Paso.

I stopped at a Flying J in El Paso exit 36, that was a mistake the whole front of the building where RV and cars park and fuel up was under construction and fenced off. I parked off to one side of the truckers lot trying to stay out of the way and had lunch. It sure is nice to start up the generator and heat something up for lunch. What would have taken over an hour in the restaurant took only half an hour and little expense. I was back on the road and in not time into backed up traffic. The problem was some young men were caring some boxes in the back of their pick up truck and the boxes flew out of their truck and caused some problems with stuff being on the road. The Police were there and that caused more slow down with folks trying to see what was going on with all the flashing lights. Once past that the traffic sped up and we sped across El Paso in no time.

Once crossing the border int New Mexico it was a straight run into Deming and to HiLo RV Ranch where they couldn’t find me in the computer. Gee, I felt like and orphan and of course I couldn’t find my membership card. I know I have it some where just can’t find it. I went to the potluck supper tonight and enjoyed talking to lots of folks there quite a gabby troupe of folks, mostly older than me with a few younger people sprinkled in for good measure. I think I will spend a week here.

Arrived Pecos TX

I arrived in Pecos about 2:30pm, and filled the LP tank at Flying J. I tried to get a new customer loyalty card but they were all out of them. I drove over to the RV Escapees RV Park and checked in, nice friendly folks minding the store got some information about the park expanding because of demand, it seems that up to 600 rigs are being drilled in the area and there will be a demand for housing and the park is going to do its best to fill the need. Right now there are more workers using the park than regular RV types and few Escapees use the park so it is weird not seeing a lot of SKP folks around and a lot of Oil Field workers camped semi-permenantly at the park.

I took the dogs for several walks and they enjoyed all the new smells and left a few of their own. After the last walk the fur kids settled down and are sleeping and snoring in unison.

I expect tonight will get cold as the sky is clear and it is in the forties when I arrived. I am glad I filled the LP tank so I will have heat tonight and be nice and cozy and get a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow I’ll be on the road to Deming NM it is supposed to take only five hours, but I don’t believe Google maps on that point as I have to go through El Paso TX and the traffic through the city can be busy and there could be delays. Five hours is a long day on the road, I may have to stay over night at a camp to get some rest and then drive in to Deming.


I left the Ranchito this morning about 10am, I wanted to leave earlier but there seemed to be one more thing to do and then one more thing to do and ….. You get the picture. I drove through Dallas and Fort Worth, there was only a little stop and go somewhere around Fort Worth on I-20 construction had two lanes closed on a Saturday morning and it didn’t seem that anything was being worked on. I made it Baird TX where I was supposed to find this RV park advertised on The Passport America site, couldn’t find it and I was getting tired it was 3:30 or so and I had enough of driving for the first day. I stopped for fuel and then was about to get back on the I-20 again when a sign caught my eye that said RV/Motel. It looked like a cheap place and to my surprise it was a nice cheap place full hookups including cable for $20 ! It isn’t spectacular, but it works for me I have plenty of electricity and water can be bored by the TV or use the internet with my Verizon Air Card with four bars.

I found out that the RV Park I was looking for is very small only four or five sites and no sign.

I took the dogs for two walks and we had dinner and we are looking forward to a nice night and an early start in the morning. Pecos here we come ๐Ÿ™‚