I was out in the RV today checking things out and I tried out the water heater and I found that now matter which position I put the switch in on the RV or on the water heater the gas comes on to heat the water. Darn it I guess I will have to bring it back to the shop and have them check the switches out… Darn it I thought the water heater problems were over.

Christmas was quiet, pets had their stockings hung on the mantel and we watched some holiday programs on TV. It was cold and windy with some rain as a storm front moved through heading to the east where it raised havoc with the folks in both the Ohio valley and the Northeast. I am sure glad I am not there dealing with the snow and ice. It gets cold enough here in East Texas for me and would rather be somewhere else snuggling up to a bit of warm sunshine than hearing my teeth chatter here in North Eastern Texas.

Samantha bought here own RV and is fitting it out now and will try it out later at an RV park nearby. She is having fun buying goodies for her new (to Her) RV.


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