Still In Deming NM

Waiting for my ‘puter to be repaired. Sometimes things take longer than you expected…
I’ll fill in all the gory details later…

So here are the details; I got the computer back and at first I was upset cause when I booted it up (isn’t that a strange phrase?) the computer came up but not the sound. I down loaded a Microsoft update and rebooted the ‘puter and what do you know? The sound came back on! So I am pleased that I have sound now on my ‘puter. However this episode has firmed my resolve to go Mac the next time I buy a computer, I hear they have less problems and the features are more intuitive.

So what have I been doing since I have been here in Deming NM? Well, I have been busy meeting people, I joined another RV club called LOWs loners on Wheels, they seem to be a nice group of folks. I have gone to lunch in Mexico with them and tonight met them at the local winery for wine and cheese and Thursday I am going with them to a brewery. I have gone out to dinner with the folks at this RV club called the Escapees, I’ve had brunch twice at the Holiday Inn and had lunch out almost every other day with a friend and escorted this friend to the hospital to get him scheduled for surgery, visited with a member of LOWs who is in a rehab facility with other members of LOW’s. Been to Las Cruces to Sam’s club for shopping and lunch and Wally World several times. And of course taking the fur kids for walks and play time at the dog park here at the RV Park. That and the usual household chores keep me busy.

I am staying here until my friend has his surgery to make sure he is alright so I should be here next Thursday for the brewery trip the LOW’s group is making 🙂


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