Well it has been a while since I have made a blog entry. Since last blog we tried going to Glacier National Park, but the weather didn’t look good and the forecast was for it to get worse so we turned around and headed back to Wyoming to escape the cold and rain with its high winds that makes driving a high profile vehicle rather challanging. While in Wyoming we stopped at a small town looking to use our Passport America card to save money and could only stay one night as the town was unveiling a statue of a hometown hero that had been a Champion Rodeo Cowboy. There was a town park we could have stayed at, but I wanted to move on.

We headed to Utah and camped at a rest area we camped at before last year when we made a trip to Idaho. Then we crossed Utah. I tell you I-80 is either up and down or flat as an ironing board. Once we passed Salt Lake City the highway was flat and boring it wasn’t that far to Nevada, but it seemed to take forever to get there. We dry camped at a Casino parking lot. We went over to the Casino to have dinner but their prices for the buffet was out our comfort zone. Se we had dinner at Mikky’s and got on the road first thing in the morning. A lot of Nevada I-80 is boring. We stopped for the nigh at a small Casino that was hard to find with a slopping parking lot that I couldn’t get the RV level using all my blocks under the wheels. Quiet night though.
We then drove on to California the gas prices where out of sight the scenery was beautiful Moutn Shasta is gorgous when the sun shines on it. The national forest is so green and inviting after driving in the desert. We drove on to Washington and dry camped at a rest area for the night. In the morning we headed out and on the way stoped for breakfast at a restarant and shared a breakfast platter it was so big.

We are now camped at an RV Park that is part of our Club we belong to. This park is a Co-op park so all the residents own the park and run it themselves. There is a five and a half year waiting list to buy in to the park. They rent spaces also, so we have a space for two nights and will head out tomorrow for Washington State to visit another park in the SKP park system.


Reed point to Fort Benton Montana

We spent two days in Reed Point MT it was cold and rainy with enough wind to make things uncomfortable. We did get our laundry done and took several walks about the town and took a few photos when it wasn’t raining. We did sleep well though. There was one bar/restaurant we passed on that experience.

Now we are in Fort Benton MT for a couple of days nice little town with lots of history and several good restaurants. We are at a small RV camp using Passport America which does same you money. We are staying with full hook ups for two days for $30 plus tax and the site is nice and the town quiet. We are withing walking distance of downtown and it is a level walk, very picturesque along the river with its lovely tree shaded park.
The drive here was interesting got to see lots of wildlife; deer, antelope and birds thankfully everyone behaved themselves and didn’t run in front of the rig 🙂

Bowman SD to Miles City MT

We packed up early this morning and headed out to Bowman SD; we were really out in the boonies took a long time to get to Bowman. We had breakfast at a local restaurant there. Then took route 12 to Miles City MT. The drive was through misty rain with little sunshine. At first the land looked much like SD rolling hills with lots of grass and few trees. The closer we got to Montana the more dramatic the landscap became. We started climbing hills and the local terrain got more rocky and steep. We had a few steep grades to negotiate then we were in Miles City area and found the campsite right away. After registration we went shopping at Walmart to get some food and other stuff. Seems to me that the prices aren’t as good as they used to be at Wally World and the selection is less also.

I went to O’Reilly Auto Parts and got a new battery cable and some tape to fix the turn signal lens lens. When we got back to the RV park I accomplished both tasks with only a little bit of sparks flying, LOL.

I get lucky, no not that kind …sheesh

We spent seven days at French Creek RV Park in Custer SD. I liked the town very much real small and one can walk from one end to the other on the main street. It doesn’t take long for folks to get to recognize you even with the short time we were there. The reason for the seven days is we were tired and needed a rest from being on the road, time to catch up on rest and laundry shopping etc.

The manager was very nice he and his wife held a pot luck BBQ and asked everyone to bring something and they provided the meat and potatoes. His french fries are delicious and with all the dishes there to sample no one went hungry. We brought two pies one apple and the other peanut butter, I like them both and had my share.
One day I realized that I had run out of one of my medications and told the manager I would have to leave early so I could get my prescription filled and then later he said he and his wife were going to Rapid City and they would pick up my prescription for me. Gee that was nice of them.

We left on the 9th and went to Rapid City to shop at Wal-mart on the way there I had a fender bender with a car as we made a left hand turn. I heard the vehicle as we collided and we pulled into a parking lot and I feared the worst. When we all looked at the vehicles the car was an older car with lots of rust and dings the lady said she wasn’t hurt and the car was fine couldn’t tell where it was hit and she wanted to leave no questions asked. The RV sustained a few scratches and a broken turn signal lens that’s it. So now to find a new turn signal lens for an old RV … good luck on that…I guess I got lucky colliding with someone who didn’t care.

We found our destination in Bowman North Dakota; Bowman-Haley Recreation Area a small lake formed by an Army Corps of Engineers Dam. We have a site with a view of the lake with electric for $10 a nite not much else here; there is a restaurant sort of and a ramp for boats and camp sites that’s it. Good enough for a couple of nights, way out of town.

On to Montana tomorrow!

Wall Drug SD

Nice view on our way to Wall SD

The wild west view one thinks of when thinking of the West

Interesting photo

Nice little ranch close to the road

Two antiques, me and a mail box

Want to ride a rabbit?

The street in front of Wall Drug is full all day

The RV lot is full all day too

The Wall Drug story is interesting look it up on Google the place employs hundreds of people directly and indirectly a great business story. Inside the store are a couple of dozen stores and they have a mall too.

Mount Rushmore SD

View out the window of the restaurant

The entrance to the monument (temple)

My impressions of Mount Rushmore are odd I know, but here they are anyway; It feels like the Presidents have been deified and that your supposed to be awed by their presence. I don’t think any of the men who’s faces are carved there would want to be deified or even overly romanticised. They are just men who held high office and did some good things, they had their faults like everyone Else.

The entrance reminded me of some of the modernistic monuments erected by the twentieth century dictators. So in short I was not pleased. The fee of $10 to park your vehicle didn’t please me either.

Tonight’s camp National Forest Nebraska

Today was a good day for travel overcast with occasional light drizle, not enough to cause worry enough to keep things cool. Once off the interstate traffic was light. We followed 81,I-80, NE183, state road 2 past Halsey to the National Forrest. We got skunked by our book on cheap campsites three times today that is how we got to the National Forest. Where I got to use my America the beautiful pass which got me 50% off the fee for camping here (yea ). So for $5.50 I have a lovely campsite in the trees with electric free dump and fresh water in the morning

We are camped at the National Forest Camp Ground Nebraska National Forest near Halsey NE. We got in and set up camp just before a thunder storm arrived with thunder, lighting and hail. Gee nice welcome.

We had a lovely dinner; salmon, peas, and potatoes tasted great. We’ve taken the dogs for their walk and everyone is happily full in the tummy. In the morning we will break camp and head for Wall SD should be there tomorrow afternoon.