Saturday update 052910 North of OK City

All alone with free electric tsk tsk

Kind of spooky not having fellow RV’rs around or for that matter anyone else
on a holiday no less.

We are camped at the Kaw South Wind Casino about 85 miles north of Oklahoma City; a Little casino out in farm country. The major feature for us is that it has free electricity, don’t have to sign up or nut’n.

We left Galveston yesterday early turned in the rental car and were on the road by 8am. We took I-45 north through Houston and on into Dallas and picked up the I-35 and kept going north. We had planned on staying at an RV park listed in Passport America, but when we found the park it was closed and looked like it had been closed for quite some time. Just a few miles away Samantha spotted a sign for another RV park that said $19 for over night so we went to have a look at the place. There was no name just RV Park, it was one of those small no frills RV parks were there are a some older rigs that haven’t moved in quite a while and a few newer rigs and some junk around the units. We found the manger who was pleased as punch to get $19 in cash he even gave us a key to the shower, yes there was only one shower. That was okay it was clean and there was plenty of hot water.

We were tired, very tired, and hot from driving all day and even with the roof AC going it took a long time to cool the rig down. Just after sunset the AC gained on the heat and cooled the rig. We each had a salad went to bed early to the sound of the train whistles every few minutes. The park its self was quiet even though many units had several dogs. In the morning we broke camp early and were on the road again by 8am. We made a fuel stop at flying J on I-35 and found their prices higher much higher than other stations we saw later in the day on the same highway.

Getting to the Casino was a bit confusing as there are few signs and the GPS wanted to take us down a road that was closed; also the map and directions seemed faulty and didn’t match up with the roads. With a little help from a local lady we located the right road and began to see signs for the Casino. When we pulled in we drove over to the east lot like the directions said and there wasn’t another RV around. A man in a golf cart came by and confirmed this was the spot and no, one didn’t have to register or do anything just hook up and enjoy 🙂 We went inside the casino to see if they had a restaurant there but all they had was fast food so bought some chicken for a snack and looked the place over we may play later. So far we have the place to ourselves nice electric 30amp pedestle on a level cement parking lot with lots of security lighting.


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