Dodge City KS

We did the Dodge City Kansas thing this morning and took the tour of the museum and Boot Hill and saw lots of old artifacts from the hay day of Dodge City. Doing the tour was interesting most of the displays were done well except for the section on women’s clothing which was not well lit. There were photos of actors and other folks associated with TV and films about Dodge City and seeing these photos stirred memories of the enjoyable times watching them. Almost all of these character actors are dead and gone and only a few photos and movies remain of their work. The actors in the series of Gunsmoke James Arness still living his brother actor Peter Graves just died, Dennis Weaver died at 81, Amanda Blake at 60, Milburn Stone died at 75 others are still alive.
The photos from that era(1860’s) were quite interesting and showed how those folks looked, at least for having their photo taken which I am sure was a big occasion. I wanted to have my photo taken in period costume but the photo studio wasn’t open.
We had lunch at a local restaurant and enjoyed it very much afterwards we drove over to the local Walmart for some shopping the RV needed a few things. Now we are located for the night at Hugoton KS at an RV park. Not a notable place it does have water, electricity and sewer hook ups and the site is level for only $15.00.

2 thoughts on “Dodge City KS

  1. The artifacts are interesting and the history is enlightening as to how and why Dodge City came to be. I hope you get to visit and have fun when you do 🙂

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