What the??? Was that noise???

PIA Cat was not amused

Where we went to get the RV repaired

This is where the trouble was

The old RV with its nose stuck in a service bay

Another view of the engine 454 Chevy

As we left the RV park this morning and began to climb up a hill I heard the RV make a noise like or shudder just like it was having problems shifting or misfiring a cylinder. THEN on the next hill it backfired !!! “YIKES this isn’t good” I said to Samantha “we better find a mechanic soon”.
We drove to Camper’s World just off the I 25 and got a recommendation for a repair facility and drove over there/here to find out what was the problem. This place is crowded with RVs trucks and cars being repaired it took them a few hours to get to our rig and figure out what the problem was.
Seems the dear old RV has never, ever had a tune up at 41 thousand miles it still had the original plugs and wires the rotor cap was corroded inside and the rotor was burnt. The plug wires were in terrible shape coming apart so we had all this replaced along with an injector cleaning and a few other minor things. This all costs $$$ and dear readers you know how I hate to spend the green stuff so I was distracted and tense all day.
We are camped in the Repair facility’s yard with an extension cord into the shop for power. Tonight’s dinner was in house; we had pasta shells with a delightful spicy red sauce and a choice of cookies or ice cream for dessert. Considering the lack of ambiance it was a nice dinner. We should be good to roll on tomorrow after a few other things are taken care of, SIGH 😦

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