On the road to Colorado Springs

Some of the great mountain views we have seen

One of the many snow covered places in the pass

This is the snow level in April

Sure looks cold

We suprised a duck on our walk by the river

Deer herd

More deer

We packed up and headed to Colorado Springs via rt 160. This route took us over some mountain passes that where around 11,000 feet. I was a bit concerned the old RV would have problems with the grade going up the passes and with the down grade as in some places the grade was in excess of 6%.
It didn’t take us long before we were surrounded by snow and ice; thankfully the roads were clear and for the most part dry. One spot had me worried; just before we got to a tunnel there was a big electric sign that said “Use Caution Tunnel May be Icy” well it may have been but my visions of us swerving on ice and causing a wreck were unfounded and we made it through without incident. The old RV took the moutian roads very well.
After the passes we began looking for an RV camp but everything we checked was closed or so crummy we didn’t want to stay in it. By chance we came across one that was in our Passport America book and miracles never cease it was open. We staid at the River and Woods RV park owned by a nice couple who had opened early this year for some out of town workers. We had a lovely spot under some big trees and settled in for the night.
In the morning we got up and got dressed and took the dogs for a walk and just as we got to the tree line in front of the river we came across a herd of deer. Thankfully our dogs didn’t start barking and we got some nice photos of the deer.
We broke camp later and made a note of the little camp ground that was so pleasant just in case we should pass by there again.

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