Colorado Springs

We drove north on I 25 and made few stops on the way looking for a place stay for the night. One place had a big sign on the highway but when we checked them out they were closed for renovation. Kind of ticks me off when they do that. We continued on and tried another RV place and it didn’t look like and RV camp more like a mobile home place and it didn’t look friendly. The man that asked us what we wanted looked like he played in a hard rock band and did this gig on the side he wanted $29 for a night and there were no amenities or wifi or nothing – we passed on his offer.
We found ourselves still looking when we came across a Wal-mart and decided we had enough driving for the day and pulled in beside the other RVs and trucks and like any other red blooded American women went shopping.
In the morning we tried to find the Visitor’s Bureau in Colorado Springs seems they only like people with small cars no RV parking available near their office and darn little car parking also; guess they don’t care that folks don’t have a convenient place to park and come in and get information about their city.
We went back to the highway and found a Denny’s and had brunch and looked up an RV camp recommended by Escapees, Plugged it in to the GPS and followed it to Mountaindale Cabins and RV Resort. I usually avoid resorts like they had the plague, but I was tired of driving and I think the altitude was/is getting to me so I paid the $30 and we settled in for the night. We had a fire and found they had a dog walk trail and other than being short of breath (we are at 6500′) we are doing fine and plan to be 0n our way tomorrow after some household chores like laundry. You can go any where in the world you still do laundry 😦

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