Day 2 and 3

Got up early, but not early enough to see our neighbors off-they were gone before we got out of our Rig. We took the dogs for a walk and then walked to a restaurant recommended by the office of the RV park. Nice place nice food good service. I couldn’t finish my breakfast so we combined our scraps to take back to the dogs.
When we go back to the Rig I started to un-hook and noticed that water was coming out of the city water fitting, I think that it was because other campers had departed letting the water pressure go higher. We rolled up and out there by nine and on the road we went. By our 300 mile mark it was still early so we decided to go on in to Fort Stockton. When we got there we had a hard time finding an RV camp we liked. Walmart was full and small no one seemed to know where the camp was that I was looking for and all the cheap ones looked rough. Finally I found someone who knew where it was. When we got there the office was closed and no one was around. A sign said pick a spot come back fill out an envelope, put in the fee and put the envelope in the letter box. The camp was flat, gravel with pedestals for power and water and sewer connections. The place seemed to have a few abandoned vehicles/campers that made it look sad. There were no amenities; no picnic tables, no shade, no decoration, the place looked like it was forgotten. One other place in town had the same look, the look of no care.

The following day we fueled up at the local truck stop $2.99 a gallon ! Well better than the $3.19 a gallon on the highway outside of Fort Stockton. Then we were back on the road again

to El Paso TX and beyond. We got through El Paso fine with only one scare when some little car pulled out of line right in front of us and put on his brakes causing us to brake hard. We stopped at Flying J for lunch and fuel then headed to N.M. We stopped at an RV park called Coachlight not bad, looks well kept has a mixture of short stays, long stays, and permanent residents. The advertised restaurant was closed for the day and doesn’t open on Sunday. There is a TA truck stop down the street we paid $18.60 for the night full hook up.

Tomorrow Tucson?

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