The trip log Day 1

Wow sounds impressive trip log! Gotta call it something so here goes.
Got up early because the dogs wanted to go for their morning constitutional so There I was head lamp on , in a hoodie, picking up doggy poo before day break. Quite the sight I tell ya!
When the business was taken care of I walked to the office and made some phone calls and tried to get a hold of my insurance agent. My agent didn’t call me back but I got my house insurance paid over the phone. When I got back to the Rig (that’s RV talk for RV) I started to un-hook the electric cable and as it came out of the circuit box the plug fell apart in pieces. Great another thing to fix. I got everything put away and drove over to the office and checked out.

I drove over to Joel West RV to pick up a new electric plug and city water connector as mine wouldn’t hold the hose under pressure. Seems there are two kinds of water connectors male and female and you have to know which to get. To do that you have to unscrew the city connector from the rig and see what it is. Of course when I went to do that I found that the screws were square heads needing a special tool after talking the manager into undoing it for me we found that on my unit you cant pull the city connector far enough out to see what it type it is or to undo the connector. So I had the shop do it and they did it in record time. I put the new electric plug on myself later in the day.

I headed down route 59, and pulled into my favorite Valero fuel stop and got fuel. I thought I had filled it up but later I when driving I noticed that the fuel gauge read less than full. This threw my mpg calculations into a cocked hat. When I got to the road leading to Houston Airport (Bush) I pulled in and topped off the tank taking care to complete the job this time. Now I am really confused as to how much fuel the Rig is using. We’ll see later I guess.

I picked up Samantha as planned and we hit the road. Traffic coming and leaving the city was heavy and confusing when coming up to the toll plazas lots of lane changes to get into the right lane for our Rig and to pay cash. Seems most locals us an EZ pass system, they just drive right through and the fee is electronically tallied. Cash payers have only a few places to use and it isn’t apparent which lane to use until your almost upon it.

We drove west on I-10 and stopped for dinner at a nice restaurant. I had the Jeager Schnitzel and Samantha the fried chicken. After dinner we tried to look up a campground in our books, but the books were not of great help this time. Some places had poor directions and no phone numbers. Frustrating when some tells you that reservations are requested and they don’t give a phone number.

We picked a camp out of the next exit book and although it is expensive and crowded it is comforting to be off the road with hook ups for the night to keep us in relative comfort, so to speak.

Gee only 990 more miles to go …. more or less.


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