Wills Point to Livingston Texas

AS usual it took longer to get going in the morning than expected. There always seems to be one more thing to do and then another thing to do. We didn’t get on the road until almost 9am. The trip to Livingston always seems to take a long time. I guess it is the state highways that go through so many towns and the lower speed limits when in those towns, also the traffic lights.

When we got to Livingston we stopped at Walmart to buy some fresh produce and other necessities and then went on to the Escapees Park. Sign in was simple and we are parked on the same street as the one we spent a winter on the winter before this one.

The tradition here is to attend the daily meeting at four o’clock. All new arrivals introduce themselves and give a little about their trip plans. I know some folks here and there were hugs all around. Seems like we just started up the conversation where we left off. Tonight was movie night where they play a DVD of a movie and serve popcorn and snacks that folks bring to share. I stayed a while and felt tired from the drive so I left early and went back to the rig.

When I got back to the rig the fur kids wanted a walk so I got my hoodie on and took them for a short walk to let them take care of business. Nice night with folks out walking and all the rigs with little glimpses of light peeking out looked nice.

I found a problem with the city water connection the threads on the coupling on the rig are worn and won’t hold the water supply hose, therefor it has to be replaced. I tried the valves on the waste water dump pipe. The valves are stiff and hard to move, maybe with use they will loosen up a bit.

I don’t think my mileage was to good today then again I am guessing my mileage cause I made some small trips to get the oil changed and to get the LP tank filled. So when I fill the fuel tank tomorrow we’ll see if I am crying the blues. I also kept the highway speed down to 55 maybe that isn’t the best speed for this beast. Also as noted we had a lot of stop and go traffic and speed limits restricted because of going through towns. We’ll know soon enough what the cost is going to be on this trip. The space tonight costs $15.00 that included the $2.00 nominal fee for electric. I also got to pick up our mail at the mail service facility here and as usual there was a bill I wasn’t expecting-darn adult stuff always catches up with you.


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