Still in Texas

Shelby looks like she is ready to go RV’ng, happy dog 🙂
We are still in Texas. There was a problem with the water pipes under the house, during a storm while we were away in Mexico the pipes froze and burst. I called a local plumbing company and their price was outrageous $130 an hour is way out of my range. I decided to do the repair work myself. I didn’t get it all done, I got battered and bruised crawling under the house not to mention hypothermia crawling in the mud, cold water and crud that was under there. Finally after three days of fixing breaks I gave the job to a local man to finish and he even he had some trouble crawling under the house and replacing pipe after pipe. He did get everything to work and now hot showers and laundry can be done. Houses are a pain in the ass, from the day they are built they are trying to fall down or fall apart. Home maintenance is at least a part-time job. Fixing/repairing, mowing, painting, cleaning, replacing just keeps on and on.

I often wondered why elderly folks eagerly gave up their homes to move into condos in places like Florida. Now I know why. They got tired of taking care of the old homestead, the constant labor and worry wears on one. It is nice to leave the maintenance and repairs to someone else.

Getting anxious to hit the road, but the weather isn’t cooperating, since our return from Mexico we have had snow flurries, cold, rain and hail; we are due for another winter like storm; possible snow flurries and a freeze this weekend ….. brrrrr. Spring oh sweet Spring where art thou????

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