Update On Trip to Texas

Bridge we crossed many times as our camp was on the other
side from town

One of two fliers passing overhead

Start of the show

Light and water show

Light and water show

The amphibious cruise boat called a Duck

Just fishing

The restaurant we had dinner and drinks at the first night
Fireplace in the restaurant

Here comes the tour boat

The boat passes the restaurant while we had dinner

Bridge over which we traveled many times as our park was on
the other side.

We were traveling through Kansas and discussing our route back to Texas and I asked how far away was Branson MO. Seems it wasn’t as far off our time allotted for returning to TX so our plans were changed and we headed towards Branson.

We stayed one night at a Kansas Lake the site was nice and our camp was a quiet one not a sound through the night. The lake was located 13 miles south of I-70 at exit 135. The road has just been chip sealed and there is still work being done. The next camp was at the Lazy Daze Camp in MO. exit 78, I-70 and state route 65. We drove 65 up one hill and after the other these were some hills if they had snow it would be great skiing. We arrived at Turkey Creek the Escapees park in Branson, we spent the afternoon checking out the town and the evening having dinner on the water, at a restaurant on a barge. Later we watched the water and light show on the boardwalk. And, it was my Birthday and it was a good one.

We did two more things while in Branson; we took the train ride on the so called Branson Scenic Railway and we went to the Dixie Stampede, the train ride was not scenic, I expected to see some of the lake, my error, the Dixie Stampede was a good show with dinner and except for some foolishness with pigs, chickens and ostriches it was a good show.

Tomorrow we break camp and head to Texas


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