Idaho Falls – Ft Bridger WY.

This gate motif was used on several local houses

Were we had supper rather good meal

Gate / Entrance to a local house

This was the fort store sort of prerunner of the PX

Buildings at the Fort

Yup another welcome sign

The big building is now a museum

Wagon at the entrance to the Fort

Guardhouse at the fort

Welcome sign to Utah didn’t stay there this time

Unusual windmill at the camp

Our dogs checking their Pee Mail on the sign to the RV Camp
We left Idaho Falls ID 8am and followed I-15 to I-84 to I-80 arriving at the Ft. Bridger historical site at about 3pm and checked into the Ft Bridger RV park. Last year the fee for parking with an Escapee discount was $19 this year it is $27 and change. That is a serious increase in rate for a place that is not that spectacular. There is no pool no club room the sites are plan grass no shade and the road in and out is gravel. The camp does have wifi and cable TV. Still I am not happy about paying that much for ?

We checked out Ft Bridger and took some photos then went to the local and only restaurant for dinner. Dinner was Buffalo Sirloin with gravy hand made fries and a good salad with ice tea.
We walked back to the RV park and tuned in the TV and worked on our computers until bedtime.


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