Trying to pass on Wisdom

Grandma Kay passing on life’s wisdom to her grandson who
is patiently putting up with it all, poor young man đŸ™‚

It is so nice to have the grand kids close

I had a long talk with my grandson Sunday afternoon. He is going into his senior year in High School this fall. I thought I had great bits of wisdom to impart to my grandson, but I fear words failed me. Language sometimes just does not impart what we truly know to others so they understand. Part of the problem is the situations that shaped us are in the past and they (the children) are in the reality of the present. We fear they will make serious mistakes or missteps because we made them or have seen others make them in our lives. It is very hard to let the youngsters figure life out on their own, almost irresistible to jump in and take the reins of their horse and ride it. Of course that won’t work so we babble on about what they should do and hope that somehow they understand and that things will work out for the best for them. Some how the young folks seem to get by with and with out our so called wisdom. Bless ’em


3 thoughts on “Trying to pass on Wisdom

  1. Oh trust me my wonderful Kay, your wisdom has worked wonders on Judd! He heard what you said, and it really made a wonderful impression on him! We LOVE & MISS YOU!!!

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