Idaho and family time

Granddaughter Kaitlyn playing her guitar for us

Kaitlyn and her Mother Nikki

The family that was present that day there are a lot more

The Mormon Church and the falls in
Idaho Falls

Dinner out with the family

Another view of the family dinner Great Grandma is at the
other end of the table she is 90 and is doing well

We made it to Idaho and found our RV park in Idaho Falls, the park is located almost downtown near the river. After a few calls family dropped by for a visit and made plans for going out to dinner. We went to a nice restaurant for dinner and had a great time catching up on the family news. Great Granny was there also and had a good time with everyone around. After dinner we went to my daughter-in-Law’s house for coffee and cake and we got a performance by my granddaughter on her guitar, she is doing very well with her lessons and seems to enjoy playing for people.

The following day we had breakfast at the home of the other grandparents and more catch up time with the family. The following day my granddaughter wanted to spend the day with me so we had a great time together with Samantha just hanging out, walking the dogs, playing cards. The day went by to fast. Later that evening we went out for dinner again and had a nice meal and shared more conversation. When we got back to the rig we both were tired and we wanted to get up early for a tip to Yellowstone N.P. so off to beddy bye for both of us.


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