Cabela’s Sydney Nebraska

The entrance to the store

The statues in the front garden

Trucks and RVs parked at the store

We got to Sydney WY. after the usual trip through the wilds, it was a lonely trip the roads were empty as it was Sunday. After we got checked in to the RV park at Cabela’s we did a little shopping at Wally World to replenish our food supply. On the way back to camp we spied a wine tasting sign and stopped in to check it out and of course bought some wine.

We took a tour of the Cabela’s store and checked out the merchandise. I thought some things looked fine but they weren’t my size and or price. Actually I thought most of the clothing was way over priced for being made abroad by folks that are making less than a dollar an hour. Also the quality wasn’t that good. Maybe that is just sour grapes because I didn’t find anything that fit that I was willing to buy. As for the store, I guess I have been spoiled by the folks in Maine at the LL Bean store, and the Out Door World folks. I must say lots of folks like this store and buy lots of their merchandise.

The following day Samantha was having a problem with a tooth, this tooth has been giving her pain for a couple of days. So I went and found a dentist for her with the help of some ladies that ran a coffee shop across the street from the RV Park. The dentist fixed Samantha’s problem tooth and now she is in fine shape.

So tomorrow we are on the road again this time to drive the I-80 until we find a spot to camp for the night and then on to Utah.


3 thoughts on “Cabela’s Sydney Nebraska

  1. I love going to cabela’s in sydney, nebraska and it is worth the 3 hr. drive from denver. the store is a place that I could live the rest of my life. It is the perfect place to be anyday of the year.

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