Still on the go in Kansas

The sign looks nice in the photo but it is worn out

The park is not maintained everything looks old and worn

The place has a worn out look rather sad

another rig

Camp manager’s rig

Our camp

Our rig at North Star nice and clean well organized

Drippings Springs Shelter by the Lake

This is the site we finally got our rig into

Above photo is of the Dripping Springs Lake

We stopped for the night at Dripping Springs State Park. The Park has a route through town to get to it and you pick your own spot when you get there. The sites are narrow on narrow roads we had a heck of chore getting parked, very exasperating for this novice 5th wheel owner. The camp hosts were nice and friendly they came to us to collect the fee. We walked the dogs by the lake and I noticed that there was a lot of trash and worse broken glass around near the water and one of the shelters. In my opinion skip this S.P. and find another place less frustrating to park your vehicle and better maintained.

Last night we spent in an RV camp called North Star tonight we are in an RV camp Midland Camp Inn Goodland KS, not a posh place for sure. However we only need electricity, water and a good Internet connection, we have all those. Hopefully we will get a good night’s sleep.

Today has been a long day and a frustrating one; this morning’s fuel up gave us 8mpg, mid day fuel up gave us 6.25mpg and this evening’s fuel up gave us 6.5mpg, not good especially at these prices. I checked the tires and the engine oil, tranny fluid and all are okay so what can be the problem? I hope nothing serious is going wrong with the truck.

Tomorrow we push on to Colorado and then Nebraska. Today’s travel through Kansas was one hill, one huge farm, one little town. one after another-rather boring. I guess I like a little excitement now and then, well not with the traffic thank you. Some folks drive with their head firmly planted in their rectum. I just hope I am not as bad a driver as the bad ones I have seen.

The high point of the day was breakfast at Flying J steak, eggs, home fries and toast the steak was delicious.


2 thoughts on “Still on the go in Kansas

  1. My husband would rather have a root canal without anesthesia than drive across Kansas. I personally enjoy it, although not from the freeway.

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