Muddy Wet Dog

This is our last day at Tyler State Park. In the morning we took the dogs for a long walk following a bike trail that zigged and zagged through the woods up and down hills across steams for a couple of miles. We arrived at another campsite and after a short break we walked back to our camp using the paved forest road. This was a good work out for the dogs and me and we all were a bit tired after the walk.
Around noon we decided to go to town for lunch and to Wally World to return the inflatable boat. Lunch was at Petty’s where we had breakfast earlier in the week. Returning the boat was no problem as we had a receipt. We also went to Lowe’s and got some wood to fix a shelf that came lose and purchase child proof catches for the cabinet doors as some come loose when the trailer is being towed.
Later after a nice dinner we took the dogs for their evening walk along the lake. When we got down to the boat launch area Shelby the lab decided she wanted to check the water out and ended up rolling down an embankment into muddy water. I had never seen her so dirty, I tried to wash her off at the boat landing but the mud was just to much. I took her back to our camp and gave her a shampoo which she put up with but didn’t like she wanted to get away and roll in the dirt, like the dog she is 🙂 She is inside the trailer now still damp and a little disgusted about smelling like flowery shampoo.
We got the child locks on and have emptied our tanks and picked up a few things in preparation for breaking camp tomorrow morning when we will be off for Oklahoma.

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