Idaho Falls – Ft Bridger WY.

This gate motif was used on several local houses

Were we had supper rather good meal

Gate / Entrance to a local house

This was the fort store sort of prerunner of the PX

Buildings at the Fort

Yup another welcome sign

The big building is now a museum

Wagon at the entrance to the Fort

Guardhouse at the fort

Welcome sign to Utah didn’t stay there this time

Unusual windmill at the camp

Our dogs checking their Pee Mail on the sign to the RV Camp
We left Idaho Falls ID 8am and followed I-15 to I-84 to I-80 arriving at the Ft. Bridger historical site at about 3pm and checked into the Ft Bridger RV park. Last year the fee for parking with an Escapee discount was $19 this year it is $27 and change. That is a serious increase in rate for a place that is not that spectacular. There is no pool no club room the sites are plan grass no shade and the road in and out is gravel. The camp does have wifi and cable TV. Still I am not happy about paying that much for ?

We checked out Ft Bridger and took some photos then went to the local and only restaurant for dinner. Dinner was Buffalo Sirloin with gravy hand made fries and a good salad with ice tea.
We walked back to the RV park and tuned in the TV and worked on our computers until bedtime.


Trying to pass on Wisdom

Grandma Kay passing on life’s wisdom to her grandson who
is patiently putting up with it all, poor young man 🙂

It is so nice to have the grand kids close

I had a long talk with my grandson Sunday afternoon. He is going into his senior year in High School this fall. I thought I had great bits of wisdom to impart to my grandson, but I fear words failed me. Language sometimes just does not impart what we truly know to others so they understand. Part of the problem is the situations that shaped us are in the past and they (the children) are in the reality of the present. We fear they will make serious mistakes or missteps because we made them or have seen others make them in our lives. It is very hard to let the youngsters figure life out on their own, almost irresistible to jump in and take the reins of their horse and ride it. Of course that won’t work so we babble on about what they should do and hope that somehow they understand and that things will work out for the best for them. Some how the young folks seem to get by with and with out our so called wisdom. Bless ’em

YellowStone N.P. Trip

Here is a view of the crowd waiting for Old Faithful to erupt

Old Faithful does its crowd pleasing thing

Nice view of the falls

Deep pool with pretty blue color

Another view of the crowds of people

A photo of Samantha taking a photo she took most of the
photos on this trip

Another view of the Falls there are many falls in the park

The above Bison was just laying behind a small hill

Samantha has always wanted to visit Yellowstone N.P. and see the Eagles, Bison, Elk and the beautiful scenery so we decided that this trip to Idaho we would take a day trip to Yellowstone Park. We were told by family that it was only a 90 minute drive to West Yellowstone the town that is the gateway to the park. Well it might be a 90 minute drive for some people, but not us. We drive rather slow compared to others in the family and there was road construction that slowed us even further. It took us over two hours to get to the park.

When we got to the Park entrance we stopped in at the information center and to our delight my Old Fogey Card got us in free! We got a map and was told which route would make a good day trip and off we went. Getting in was a breeze, we were through the express lane in no time. That should be a clue that they have an express lane that a lot of people visit Y.N.P.

Took one side trip and the rest we of the trip we stayed on the route for the day trip. It was a long day, lots to see even if there were lots of other folks sharing the experience.

Idaho and family time

Granddaughter Kaitlyn playing her guitar for us

Kaitlyn and her Mother Nikki

The family that was present that day there are a lot more

The Mormon Church and the falls in
Idaho Falls

Dinner out with the family

Another view of the family dinner Great Grandma is at the
other end of the table she is 90 and is doing well

We made it to Idaho and found our RV park in Idaho Falls, the park is located almost downtown near the river. After a few calls family dropped by for a visit and made plans for going out to dinner. We went to a nice restaurant for dinner and had a great time catching up on the family news. Great Granny was there also and had a good time with everyone around. After dinner we went to my daughter-in-Law’s house for coffee and cake and we got a performance by my granddaughter on her guitar, she is doing very well with her lessons and seems to enjoy playing for people.

The following day we had breakfast at the home of the other grandparents and more catch up time with the family. The following day my granddaughter wanted to spend the day with me so we had a great time together with Samantha just hanging out, walking the dogs, playing cards. The day went by to fast. Later that evening we went out for dinner again and had a nice meal and shared more conversation. When we got back to the rig we both were tired and we wanted to get up early for a tip to Yellowstone N.P. so off to beddy bye for both of us.

We made it to Utah

Our rig at the park for the night

The dogs and I are on a walk at a rest stop just inside Utah

The gap we came through from Wyoming

Nice park well run

Walmart stop to fill up with our spare tanks

Enterance to the KOA

Dog’s delight?

Last night we spent the night at a KOA in Wyoming and we were blessed with a thunder storm and off and on rain. There was a lot of wind with the T-storm, but it calmed down later.

Some of the hills we went up today were rather steep some we climbed at 30mph, I was wondering if we were going to make it or not. However the old truck just kept on going.

We drove the I-80 through Wyoming which seemed endless, finally we got to Utah and we are in
a town just north of Logan Utah. This RV park the Golden Spike is located behind a Flying J Truck Stop exit 362 Brigham City. The park is attractive, clean and the manager/owners are on site and the park is very popular. I was tired today and very glad to arrive at a nice park.

Cabela’s Sydney Nebraska

The entrance to the store

The statues in the front garden

Trucks and RVs parked at the store

We got to Sydney WY. after the usual trip through the wilds, it was a lonely trip the roads were empty as it was Sunday. After we got checked in to the RV park at Cabela’s we did a little shopping at Wally World to replenish our food supply. On the way back to camp we spied a wine tasting sign and stopped in to check it out and of course bought some wine.

We took a tour of the Cabela’s store and checked out the merchandise. I thought some things looked fine but they weren’t my size and or price. Actually I thought most of the clothing was way over priced for being made abroad by folks that are making less than a dollar an hour. Also the quality wasn’t that good. Maybe that is just sour grapes because I didn’t find anything that fit that I was willing to buy. As for the store, I guess I have been spoiled by the folks in Maine at the LL Bean store, and the Out Door World folks. I must say lots of folks like this store and buy lots of their merchandise.

The following day Samantha was having a problem with a tooth, this tooth has been giving her pain for a couple of days. So I went and found a dentist for her with the help of some ladies that ran a coffee shop across the street from the RV Park. The dentist fixed Samantha’s problem tooth and now she is in fine shape.

So tomorrow we are on the road again this time to drive the I-80 until we find a spot to camp for the night and then on to Utah.

Still on the go in Kansas

The sign looks nice in the photo but it is worn out

The park is not maintained everything looks old and worn

The place has a worn out look rather sad

another rig

Camp manager’s rig

Our camp

Our rig at North Star nice and clean well organized

Drippings Springs Shelter by the Lake

This is the site we finally got our rig into

Above photo is of the Dripping Springs Lake

We stopped for the night at Dripping Springs State Park. The Park has a route through town to get to it and you pick your own spot when you get there. The sites are narrow on narrow roads we had a heck of chore getting parked, very exasperating for this novice 5th wheel owner. The camp hosts were nice and friendly they came to us to collect the fee. We walked the dogs by the lake and I noticed that there was a lot of trash and worse broken glass around near the water and one of the shelters. In my opinion skip this S.P. and find another place less frustrating to park your vehicle and better maintained.

Last night we spent in an RV camp called North Star tonight we are in an RV camp Midland Camp Inn Goodland KS, not a posh place for sure. However we only need electricity, water and a good Internet connection, we have all those. Hopefully we will get a good night’s sleep.

Today has been a long day and a frustrating one; this morning’s fuel up gave us 8mpg, mid day fuel up gave us 6.25mpg and this evening’s fuel up gave us 6.5mpg, not good especially at these prices. I checked the tires and the engine oil, tranny fluid and all are okay so what can be the problem? I hope nothing serious is going wrong with the truck.

Tomorrow we push on to Colorado and then Nebraska. Today’s travel through Kansas was one hill, one huge farm, one little town. one after another-rather boring. I guess I like a little excitement now and then, well not with the traffic thank you. Some folks drive with their head firmly planted in their rectum. I just hope I am not as bad a driver as the bad ones I have seen.

The high point of the day was breakfast at Flying J steak, eggs, home fries and toast the steak was delicious.