The Leak Story

When I bought this trailer there was a problem with the water heater leaking. Seems someone may have left water in the hot water tank over the winter so it was disassembled and welded and put back together and didn’t leak so I was happy.

When we got to our park here in Livingston I was getting something out of the pantry and didn’t have my shoes on when I stepped into something wet and cold. I was about to blame one of our pets when I realized that the wetness was quite extensive. I climbed up the ladder on the rear of the RV and noticed two little streams of water running down the roof and one didn’t go into the gutter but ran down the side of the unit. I thought maybe that was where the water was coming into the RV.

I went to the local RV repair place and made an appointment to have the leak repaired. When the man came out to fix the RV he looked at the roof and at the wet spot on the carpet and made a statement that it was to much water for what was coming off the roof.

He checked the hot water tank and sure enough it had a leak. Hot water heaters of any kind don’t come cheap, but I am having a new one put in to replace the old leaky one at least we will have some sort of warranty with the new one. Now we just have to wait till it comes in from the manufacturer.


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