How to become a Texan

With a title like the above one’s mind could be wondering what test or ordeal would be involved in becoming a Texan? Do you have to stand on the street corner and yell YEEE- HAW or prove you can walk in Cowboy boots or some other stunt? Perhaps one has to take a test on TEXAS history?
Nope none of those Pardner.

What one has to do (Ya’ll) is get your vehicles registered and insured in TEXAS then obtain a TEXAS driver’s license where one takes an oath, no not to TEXAS, just that you told the truth on your application… oh you have to pass an eye test, give up your previous license and have your picture taken and thumb prints taken. Oh I forgot the vehicles have to be inspected also. OY, vat a pain in the tush, of course I had to get TEXAS insurance and also had to have the trailer weighed so that added more steps to the procedure. Now I feel like I can proudly swagger down the street wearing my best Cowgirl Outfit with pride…. unless the wind catches my Cowgirl hat and I go chasing it down the street 🙂

Ya’ll have the inside scoop on how to become a TEXAN 🙂


5 thoughts on “How to become a Texan

  1. In Texas,it’s y’all, then that applies to anything hillbilly. In Calgary, there’s only one international greeting across Canada and that’s Yee!Hah!Canada has developed a no party legislation. No stinkin’ stereos. Yes, never park near a park bippy. That’s why you have indoor plumbing, silly. Last of all, do you not have safety checks in Ky. At least you had two choices, get all the upgraded done at home or tell him to shove it up his wazzoo. Great photos all around. Sorry the farm hasn’t found a buyer yet. Holy crap ! It’s Jolene

  2. If your not born a texan, then getting a drivers licenses will not make you one. You need to do a few more things than just getting your licenses. Suggested reading: become a texan you must embrace the texan mind set. Which is a big personality change if your places like the NYC or Philly. But it is not all personality change it is also going to places that is a must for all texans. Example: alamoTexas has two type of texans true texans and half texans.

  3. Been to the Alamo, Rio Grande, Valley, Pecos, Houston, Dallas, etc. and so on. I am a Texan just aske the County Tax Office If I own part of TEXAS I am a TEXAN get used to it get over it I'm here to stay and I've got as much of TEXAS mind set as anyone….. I am just as TEXAN as Daniel Boone ever was…

  4. By the way have YOU ever seen the hall of flags at the Alamo? Notice all the STATE flags representing those that died there including the much talked about NY,TEXAS, was fought for by people from many states with out their blood there would never have been a TEXAS….

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